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Maile Ilima Lei #9

It doesn’t end here… artist as a job description is not just drawing and painting there is a lot of other things done each day where all self-employed people wear a lot of hats.

Now to let it thoroughly dry and erase all pencil marks as much as possible. Scan and then clean it up in PhotoShop and save in whatever formats the client requests…

Save files, transmit files, package up originals and get ready to send…

Billings, correspondence…

Backup and clean up job files and save. Wa Lah! Done.

Project for www.HawaiiFineStationers.com


Maile Ilima Lei #6

Looking at it from afar I see that the orange of the ilima lei is standing out too much, making it seem kind of foreign and way too obvious.

I decide to put some of the orange reflected into the green of the leaves. A light wash is added to selected leaves which brings them together nicely. Yep yep yep.

Project for www.HawaiiFineStationers.com


ORIGINAL ART For that special person on your list at heavily discounted holiday prices…

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On The 2nd Day of Christmas…

“Hula Anna” K5206 – $50 (unframed)

Anna dancing hula
acrylic painting of a family gathering with hula as part of the event.

18″w x 24″h acrylic on canvas board. Acrylic painting of a young hula performance from artist’s memories of family and friends along with the magic of the dance in the past, …far away.