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Maile Ilima Lei #9

It doesn’t end here… artist as a job description is not just drawing and painting there is a lot of other things done each day where all self-employed people wear a lot of hats.

Now to let it thoroughly dry and erase all pencil marks as much as possible. Scan and then clean it up in PhotoShop and save in whatever formats the client requests…

Save files, transmit files, package up originals and get ready to send…

Billings, correspondence…

Backup and clean up job files and save. Wa Lah! Done.

Project for www.HawaiiFineStationers.com


Maile Ilima Lei #5

Now for some work on the ilima, she needs to show her orange colors and paper stacked blossoms in a rope. I slowly add Pyrrol Orange lines of the ellipse shapes from the blossoms stacked close together on the thread. The ilima lei is now beginning to look 3D.

Next, I add where the light is hitting by darkening the shadowed side of the rope. Adding Vermillion to the Pyrrol Orange the darker sides are accentuated. Just adding shadow sides and a few little lines can really make a difference.The leaves look kind of washed out don’t they?

Project for www.HawaiiFineStationers.com