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Garden People #6

Never a dull moment in our garden.

Have you ever seen a tomato critter like this? Does this tomato have a close relation to Bugs Bunny?

Looks like a much happier bunny with a body. Hmmm.


Garden People #3

Our garden is a large part of my sanity. It is the place I go to do some weeding, watering, and picking. There are absolutely no screens to look at, no phones to answer. I can hear the birds sing, play with dogs and kids, and get real dirty and never worry what people think of me. Anyone who knows me recognizes that is a really natural state for me.

At the end of the summer coming into fall it becomes a lot more work as more and more produce needs harvesting and processing. My hands get blisters and dried out from all the washing, cleaning, cooking and canning but the quality of the yummy food is well worth it throughout the following winter months.

Here are the buckets from this morning, tomatoes, dill herb, Dahlia’s, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Any kind of flower blossom brightens my day!

Back up at the house, the tomatoes are washed and sorted into ripeness groups. The group on the right is red and ready to eat or can. The group on the left get to sit in my vegetable baskets by the window to finish ripening. I’ll process them probably the next time I pick.

12 ea handpainted garden markers pau (finished)

Finished for a wonderful client in the northeast 12 durable, beautiful garden markers for his wife’s roses and garden that show what is growing visually. They are ready to ship UPS this morning! Happy birthday to  her on Sunday!

The varieties are, Abraham Darby-English Rose, Apothecary’s Rose, Granada Rose – Hybrid Tea, Henry Kelsey-Climbing Rose,Lavender Mist Meadow Rue, Noble Anthony-English Rose, Rosa Mundi-Rosa Gallica, Sunsprite-Floribunda, Tango-Anise Hyssop, Vavoom-Floribunda, Zephirine Droughin-Climbing Rose

backs apothecarys zephrineD2 zephrineD1 vavoom sunsprite rosaMundi granadaRose nobleAnthony lavenderMist henryKelsey tango abrahamDarby

12 ea handpainted garden markers

Another interesting project in the studio… a wonderful client in the northeast wants durable but beautiful garden markers for his wife’s roses and garden that show what is growing visually. They have to put up with winter. Her birthday is Sunday so time is short to get these done. Here are all twelve painted, now to do the lettering…

Abraham Darby-English Rose

Apothecary’s Rose

Granada Rose – Hybrid Tea

Henry Kelsey-Climbing Rose

Lavender Mist Meadow Rue

Noble Anthony-English Rose

Rosa Mundi-Rosa Gallica


Tango-Anise Hyssop


Zephirine Droughin-Climbing Rose

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