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Garden People #5

Congratulations! Triplets?

This one is a surprise, (wait till you see the other side of it).

Well, another character enters the scene and the carrot hand is reaching for this tomato… What does it make you think of?


Garden People #2

Airborne 82nd Carrots! Here are the new world’s bravest recruits getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Ready guys?The Sargent just finally pushes them out the door. NOOOOOOO!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! They are airborne now! Another one bites the dust…..YEAH YEAH!!!

Meanwhile, the rest of the recruits still in the bay decide to take matters into their own hands. They gather round their Sargent holding him right where he is. Making it virtually impossible for him to push them out the door. Really?  Will Larry, Mo and Curly eventually have to jump anyhow? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to “To be pushed or not to be pushed out?”, episode of the Garden People in the Army.