weekend stuff continued?…

Painting neighborhood address signs process. Honest occifer! I did NOT use that spray can of paint! Oh, my fingernails… it is a new way to do my nails I tried using the spray paint to see if I could airbrush them myself. Anybody got bail money?
😉addressSign3 addressSign4

Now I spray the (black) arrows backgrounds.


what does an artist do on the weekend?…

Paint neighborhood address signs of course! Here are two signs masked off ready to shoot with black for the arrows.

addressSign2 addressSign1

If you have ever been over to visit our place you would know why these signs are needed. I bet you we are in the UPS and FedEx drivers “stink list” for being hard to find. Oh well! These are directional signs (for the two bends in our private road debatable as a driveway) made of sign board (expensive smooth plywood) and coated with white house paint 2 coats yesterday. Now the (black) arrows are laid out and masked off with masking tape so I can shoot the arrow backgrounds.

No5. Portrait Commission


I have a wonderful client from Australia he is making surprise portraits to take back home with him to his family. Here are progress reports on each as I complete the steps in a typical watercolor portrait commission.
son#1 watercolor wash in the skin tones and shadows/shape in the t-shirt area and more background detail.

Gonna call it a night… Sleep well everyone 🙂

realistically colorful yet surreal