pencil children’s portrait

Artist’s are allowed to make adjustments to make the composition work better. Thank Goodness.

Two young ladies standing by a garden light post. The reference photograph has the girls standing on different ground levels and the light post is positioned right between their heads. Kind of seems to interfere with my seeing their faces. So the layout is adjusted so that they are on the same ground level and the post is raised a little higher in height to not interfere so much.

Here is stage 1:

IS two young girls pencil portrait initial layout.

celebrate broken leg healing

I am walking like a normal human with no crutches. YAY!

Just FYI I broke my right leg Fibia  (the smaller leg bone on the side) embarrassingly enough, just walking over to the compost pile. Well 5 weeks of a lot of rest is over and now I need to start getting ready to ski this winter.


Elk WA footwear fashion capital

left foot in clog, right foot in ankle brace sock and sandal.

Here is a picture of my great footwear fashion in Elk. I have spent the last 5 weeks on crutches nursing a broken fibia. I broke it while walking out to the compost pile.  The prior week was spent with grandkids doing Silverwood, swimming, hiking, and mountain biking but I break my leg walking through the yard to the compost pile. Really. Oh yeah!

Those of you who see us in “real life” know that in our home this crutch thing has been a real ordeal (stairs to the max). Having to spend the majority of time in the basement for 4 weeks, has been difficult but now I am able to do stairs and work in my studio on the main floor and …cook again. I even rode in with Pete to town and went grocery shopping and walked down to the garden this Sunday. Woo Hoo!

Kudos for Pete who is always there when I need him, working all day and cooking and cleaning for us when he gets home. He has always been an absolute angel in my life. I am truly a lucky woman. Anyhow I CELEBRATE! Not having to use crutches and just walking in the cast on uneven ground outside for two more weeks. My hands are free to carry stuff. On flat ground I am allowed to use a ankle brace to keep it from twisting – I just don’t tell them that in our house the “flat ground” involves two 16 step staircases. FYI I am not winning any races. I should be able to start driving again soon though. Hope so, I wouldn’t want to miss ski season. Yep. LOL

illustration progress

The author changed from b&w to color illustrations and by the way the title is, “Trapped in Enchantment” coming to Amazon soon. This is a middle school book full of imagination, a large part of why I love my job.  A fun illustration project with unexpected images.  Here are a couple shots of the drafting table I work on with the drying rack full of finished images ten so far. They are all done except for final pen work.

studioProgress1 studioProgress2


realistically colorful yet surreal