Garden People #2

Airborne 82nd Carrots! Here are the new world’s bravest recruits getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Ready guys?The Sargent just finally pushes them out the door. NOOOOOOO!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! They are airborne now! Another one bites the dust…..YEAH YEAH!!!

Meanwhile, the rest of the recruits still in the bay decide to take matters into their own hands. They gather round their Sargent holding him right where he is. Making it virtually impossible for him to push them out the door. Really?  Will Larry, Mo and Curly eventually have to jump anyhow? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to “To be pushed or not to be pushed out?”, episode of the Garden People in the Army.


Garden People #1

What does a local girl do with a couple extra heads of cabbage from the garden? This is of course is after canning 12 quarts of saurkraut enough to last into the next decade?

Since leaving the islands to make my home here in Washington, some things have become hard to find, so you have to make it yourself right? Why make canning boring NEVER!

Once upon a time there was a family of fresh cabbage heads. They had just been wrenched from their comfortable leafy homes in the garden and put into boxes. It wasn’t all that bad but, honestly talk about close quarters. Packed like sardines are we. Hmmm what is this human up to?

Bath time AAARGHHH! Yummm salt so is this what it is like to swim in the ocean? Are we in the ocean? No. What is that smell? Kim Chee.

painted flowers for logo #6

Basic design of the business card is necessary for this project. Fonts desired, wording . This one had a monogram that the client wanted. I did about a 30 minute search and giving up, not finding a match. Instead it was necessary to manually trace the lettering shapes from her example using bezier curves in Adobe Illustrator. All those hours learning how to draw in graphic design pay off. We have an outlined monogram below, able to be filled with solid color and able to create a shadow with grey filter if needed.

I place the other information on the card layout. The painted oval had to be squished down to fit the layout. The names have been smeared to protect the innocent, but you get the idea of the layout of the business card.

paint flowers for a logo #5

Here is the finished painting, I will have to scan and manipulate it in Adobe PhotoShop to fit a business card orientation. I have to go ahead and clean up any boo boos while I get it formatted for placement into a card design. The original itself is purchased and being mailed to the client with her final computer files for printing.So here is the final squished layout for the card…

realistically colorful yet surreal