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painted flowers for logo #7

I place the other information on the card layout. The painted oval had to be squished down to fit the layout. The names have been smeared to protect the innocent, but you get the idea of the layout of the business card.


paint flowers for a logo #5

Here is the finished painting, I will have to scan and manipulate it in Adobe PhotoShop to fit a business card orientation. I have to go ahead and clean up any boo boos while I get it formatted for placement into a card design. The original itself is purchased and being mailed to the client with her final computer files for printing.So here is the final squished layout for the card…

paint flowers for a logo #1

Thought you’d like to see a typical small job that I do in a day.

This customer needed a watercolor painting of orchids for her business card. She also wanted her card laid out professionally with her company text curved below the orchids. She was not able to get her previous printer to do the monogram she wanted so she sent me an image of it so I could see about doing it for her. First step for me is asking for photography or sketches and/or previous designs to use as a guide. Verbal drawings are so easily misinterpreted.

This is the information she supplied.