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Tablecloth Surprise…

I got a unexpected surprise when I put the tablecloth on our dining room table. It was way too long reaching down to the floor on both ends. Don’t know how I made that error but Pete says the material I purchased for the cloth was at the end of a bolt of material so he assumes that I got more yardage than originally figured. Hmmmm. This tablecloth is being cut into two now, a full length one and another at 60″ square approx. Didn’t know I was working on two all this time but did think it was sure long whenever I bunched it up to put on my lap.

Hummingbird #10

On “the tablecloth embroidery project” finished Hummingbird number 10. This is the first female character. I had a hard time figuring out how to get the neutral browns to show with stiches of color. Finally settled with bright purples, orange, blue pattern to separate areas. Then adding a mixture of browns and grays for that overall neutral coloring. She is in mid flight with wings in all a flutter.HB10


Been doing a lot of patience building as I wait for my broken collar bone to heal, 6-10 weeks seems like forever. I am able to use my right arm in limited motions close to my body so I am starting a tablecloth embroidery. Gotta have something for my hands to do at night.
For those of you who know me you are probably saying, “Another one”? Yep this one is a favorite subject of mine. Can you guess?

I am looking forward to Spring’a arrival to be able to put out the humming bird feeders. I am also planting their favorite flowers this year too and just can’t wait to sit out on my deck drinking morning coffee and watching these little guys fly around.

Humming birds sketches embroidery patternsHere are the sketches to start off the tablecloth with, they are drawn with a iron-on purple pencil that I bought at the fabric store.

Flowers don’t need a holiday to liftspirits

img_20170214_043134963A couple of weeks ago I broke my collarbone while sledding. Tensions were raising and healing was becoming unsurmountable. I know my words became snappy and unkind as I became overwhelmed with frustration and pain.

My love did not throw his hands up in the air and give up. He went grocery shopping on the way home from work. He got home and I heard him putting things away when downstairs he comes, placing these right in front of where I’ve been camped out in our recliner in a sling with pillows propped around.

This thoughtful hunk of man provided undeniable proof of beauty from God’s hand. Immediately transforming negative perspectives to a feeling of gratitude and awe. Everytime I look at the rich colors, touch the soft petals or breath in the wonderful scents this upward lift occurs.

I am fully blessed with possibly the best man on the planet who knows a gift of flowers will lift spirits any day of the year. His love actions pop up right when most needed. No holiday is required.