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I do gallery fine art, portraits, and illustration for books including children, middle school and technical categories. I also do illustration for book covers along with PhotoShop book covers. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email anytime for commission work or purchase of any original artwork you see on my blog or website.

Portrait Great Dane Chrome #4

This is probably going to sound crazy to some of you but I tend to put darks in “shadow areas” on my subject first and it gives the impression of 3d beginning in my drawing which tells me right away if something is off. Then it is a gradual process adding a little more detail, then more, then more. Typically taking turns alternating back and forth between “light” then “dark” details as I go along.


Portrait Great Dane Chrome #2

Chrome owned by Cornerstone Danes in Oroville WA. Absolutely beautiful dog. Please check out their website. I loved the position of one of the pictures used as a reference but got a lot of great detail in lighting from the seconde reference photo. Here is the beginning sketch with mastick (resist) applied to the paper to help reserve the important white areas.


Pet or People Portraits

I love dogs, horses, cats and bird portraits because I guess I have just loved animals forever. At one point in my life I had dreams of becoming a veterinarian but then I got the news that more than a dozen years of study were involved with that and my interests shifted. Thank goodness. I would not be having this much fun painting all those critters if I had followed that dream to fruition.

There is no better achievement for me than being able to capture an expression in any portrait. Even simple and quick paintings can capture an emotion.


portrait Great Dane Stella #8

I have been able to add tones of neutral brown to her body and face to read as gray to black fur and am now satisfied with Stella. The background is toned down and darkened enough to not compete with her face for attention. I do believe we are almost completed.

Note the crop lines around her that show the final 11×17 size.Here is how it looks after it is cropped.

portrait Great Dane Stella #7

Stella’s face is coming to life now adding the final darks and lights around her eyes really brings out her expression. Her nose has brought it out. The light area around her snout seems to bring her nose closer to you. With the nose I have noticed that a great deal of detail is needed to show in black and white where the wet parts are that show shine to look real. Shiny things have highlights that are not blended but instead kind of paint-by-number.

You have probably noticed that I have done a lot of work on the background painting in the tree/bush branches then putting a barage of leaves in colors ranging from light to dark green and even purple. Am still not in love with the background and will have to do more on it.