The Little Known, Misunderstood Power of Dissatisfaction

This is absolutely eye-opening. Yes take a look under my hood and do some tweaking! Great wording!

Hope Now

So I’ve been thinking about dissatisfaction in life, and what being dissatisfied really means about us. I think a lot of people equate dissatisfaction with life with having a bad attitude or being a bad person.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

First off, judging our feelings (and dissatisfaction is a feeling) as good or bad is highly unproductive.

Agian, judging our feelings as good or bad is highly unproductive.

Feelings aren’t moral, good or bad, they just are.

Emotions are the helpful messengers that guide us towards creating balance and fulfillment in our lives. Ignored they will either fester or atrophy, and in case you’re wondering both of those options suck.

So, if we are prone to judge it’s far more beneficial to classify our reaction to our feelings as an effective reaction to emotion or ineffective reaction to emotion.

Effective reactions to emotion motivate us towards our greater purpose– health…

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