Background information about the FREE PAINTING contest #001
(rules are available here)

Skykhomish Highway 2,
9”w x 12”h watercolor on 140lb wc paper
painted 10/19/1991

He sat down and told me his Mom was an artist, and he thought it is a shame how her art was viewed as not so important. He knew how important it was to her. He shared some thoughts about art and how important it is that we follow our talent and heart’s desire in life. He changed my life in that five minute talk.

I frequently hear people profess to know Paul Allen or Bill Gates and sometimes it just blows me away, how totally wrong their opinions are when compared to my contact with the the two men over ¾’s of a year. The only premise I can make is that most likely, those negative opinions are originating from jealously rather than knowledge or truth, because my experiences with these two was nothing but good.

more tommorrow…


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