Background info about FREE PAINTING contest #001
(rules are available here)

Skykhomish Highway 2,
9”w x 12”h watercolor on 140lb wc paper
painted 10/19/1991


Asymetrics was a great place to learn about computer based phone systems, working on computers and networks (which I had not ever worked on before). My job was mostly answering phones and entering database info. It was truly interesting, with about 80 people speaking all kinds of languages.

The company was designing/writing software programs to get “image oriented” operating systems going instead of “DOS”. Do you remember that old way of computer “ing”? They were making “Windows”. One of the funny things these programmers did was BIRTHDAYS! They got pizza, pop and m&ms and decorated the birthday person’s office with m&m’s placed strategically on each keyboard key along with pop and pizza on their desk. Balloons and streamers made from code printout. This was a temporary job with a wonderful group of creative individuals in a friendly atmosphere.

One of the nice things that Paul did for us was pay to stock the lunchroom with food, drinks and snacks. He didn’t want us to waste our time dealing with that stuff and it was a “tax write off” for him.

One day I was sitting at the table in this lunchroom all alone. I had a new sketchpad and drawing pencil that I had bought myself. I was busily sketching a deer I had seen that morning, and was kind of lost in thought (which happens often when I draw or paint). I did not hear Paul come in, and suddenly he leaned over my shoulder looking at the sketch smiling and asked me, “Valerie, why on earth are you being a receptionist here? You should be doing art.”

This is the sketch I was working on, I named it Bambi Encounter and it sold many years ago.

more tommorrow…


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