FREE painting #001 pg 1

Background information about the FREE PAINTING contest #001
(rules are available here)

Skykhomish Highway 2,
9”w x 12”h watercolor on 140lb wc paper
painted 10/19/1991


When an artist paints there is frequently a story behind the inspiration to pick up the brushes. This little watercolor has a great story behind it.

In June of 1990 I left my home in Hawaii with two young children. The marriage I had left was negative and viewed my artistic endeavors as a, “waste of time”. I had essentially given up and put down my brushes for almost 8 years. I registered with temp agencies in Seattle WA, while settling down in the Pacific North West. A lucky break was provided with a good receptionist job at a company called Asymetric’s. You may not take notice of that company name, just as I did not, but, you probably would recognize my bosses name. I worked as Paul Allen’s receptionist for nine months in Bellevue.

more tomorrow…


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