winter beauty

Skiing this weekend and loving it. The view from the lift is always captivating for me. No better way to spend a day. 49 Degrees North


answer mystery painting

Okay, I will tell you then.

The mystery painting is actually the cover painting for my newest book project published by Michele Bourgeois an author in Canada who does Alternative Holistic Healing.

“Where Your Mind Goes Energy Flows: A Self-Healing Manual for the Mind and Body”.

Some of my best art is in this book, check it out on I also did all the manuscript layout and design for publishing. I enjoyed reading this one. Let me know what you think of it please.

Mystery painting, any guesses about what this watercolor painting is? ….at the half done stage?

….how about at the completed stage? Does anyone know what this is, or what it is for?Are there any Sherlock Holmes in attendance?

realistically colorful yet surreal